sabato 12 marzo 2016


An eating disorder does NOT depend on the BMI, the weight doesn't define the level of its seriousness. Gaining weight after being underweight doesn't necessarily mean you've got over it, extreme weight loss and excessive weight gain are only a possible consequence of eating disorders. As for me, I've been too thin over and over again, now I'm at a normal weight but my disorder's just the same. So please, stop considering an apparently "fit" girl paranoid, when you know nothing about her, when you don't even know her eating habits. Is it really paranoia to control your life through food? Is it really paranoia to throw up, to exercise for so long, to interchange fast / feast days, or to take laxatives/diuretics just to lose weight? You're not healthy in spite of your body. Eating disorders are only the straw that broke the camel's back hiding a deep unease. People who suffer from this illness feel pain, no matter what their weight is.